MRS 2016, June 23-25, 2016 | JSNU, Xuzhou, China

        The international workshop on Mathematical Reliability and Safety (MRS 2016) aims to bring active experts in various fields including reliability theory, risk management, statisticians, and safety to exchange the newest developments, and promote advances in reliability and safety.  The topics of interest include but are not limited to:
       ·   Reliability theory;            ·   Stochastic orders;
       ·   Risk and security;            ·   Extreme value theory;
       ·   Order statistics;                ·   Dependence modeling.
       The workshop will be held from June 23 to 25, 2016 at Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, China. Xuzhou City is one of Chinese most well-known transportation hubs, in which China's two most important rail lines that run north-south, and east-west directions.  With a history of 2,600 years, Xuzhou is a historical city with the critical strategic importance from military views. Xuzhou is well known for its heritage and cultural relics for the Han Culture, which is honored the best city to search or eye-view these splendid items, displaying in its museums. There are total more than 200 Han tombs discovered, with thousands of unearthed priceless funerary objects and terracotta warriors.